Ready to Strip!

I was trying to figure out how I can deal with the various bearing races and bushing surfaces that I didn’t want sand-blasted or powder coated on the frame. I settled on a setup using some threaded rod, wing nuts, and fender washers. I basically used these parts to create caps on the sensitive areas of the frame to protect them from the processes. You can see here how I’ve got it for the headset, the swing-arm, and the swing-arm bushings in the frame. I hope it works!

2013 03 12 21 40 48

2013 03 12 21 40 34

2013 03 12 21 40 56

And yes, there’s some gnarly surface rust on that frame and swing-arm. It really does need the full strip job. I couldn’t in good conscience just wipe it down and build back on that much gunk!

Session time: 2 hrs Total Time: 9 hrs

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