Separation Anxiety

I got some time this afternoon and decided to go after separating the frame from the engine. I basically took bolts off with little care and just made sure to put them in the same place so that I at least know where they all are when it’s time to put it all back together. I read a tip on the interwebs that you lay the bike on it’s right side and lift the frame off. That was genius. I pulled all the bolts from the right side of the motor. Then I found some cardboard to protect the bike and as gently as possible laid it over. I winced at a little grindy-sound on the stator cover. Of course there was a little fuel in the carbs that spilled. I was glad to cut off that part of the cardboard and get it straight outside! I pulled all the bolts from the left side. Significant wrangling ensued. It was kind of a bitch, but it eventually came (mostly). YT (aka Dumbass) hadn’t cleared the throttle cable yet.
2013 03 09 13 54 51

I fixed that little snag while things were precariously balanced, and then got the frame the rest of the way off. The rest of the wiring loom came off, and now I just have some frame clean-up (like grinding off the center-stand mounts) before it goes off to the powder coaters.
2013 03 09 14 31 50

Session time: 2 hrs
Total Time: 7 hrs

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