A Tale of Two Triples

I boxed up and sent off the triples to Classified today. I thought I’d share a view of the difference between the old and the new. You can tell which is which in this pic. Funny thing is that the old triple is about twice the weight of the new. In fact, every single thing that I’ve pulled off this bike has been surprisingly heavy for what it is. A rear peg was a couple of pounds! Every bit and bob must have been made of cast iron! Just stripping it down will help this bike weigh a lot less!

The other funny thing is that the threads for the compression collar and the top triple nut are exactly the same on both sets. I stuck with Honda, but really, after 31 years between models, they are using the exact same threads and “technology” to clamp a steering tube to the frame. I guess you don’t fix what ain’t broke!

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