A collection about to shrink

This is a little view into my current stable of folders. All of these went back into a drawer, except for the Techno, which went back in my pocket. That says all there really is to say. The ZT350 is just too big for a folder. For that heft, I’d just take a fixed. The Griptillion is a nice light knife, but was just compared (not favorably) to the Techno. The McGinness Tuition is a nice cheap knife, but clearly redundant. And the Fallkniven U2 … might keep that one. It’s a basic back lock, FRN handle, short thin blade. The kind of thing you toss in your pocket when you don’t want to risk losing your Techno. Or not. The laminated SPGS steel is nice, but it’s also eclipsed by the Techno. I think it’s clear that I’ve found my pocket knife, and the rest can find homes elsewhere. 😉


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