BWCA – October of 2011

Went to the BWCA in early October of 2011 with a group of friends. The temps were great (lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s), the skies were clear, the friends were excellent, and the food was pretty darn good.

We left on a Thursday night after work, and drove up to Ely, with a stop for dinner at Toby’s. Arrived late, but got into the bunkhouse just fine. Got up nice and early on Friday morning, had some breakfast, and then went to the outfitter. An hour later and we, our gear, and our boats were on the water at Mudro Lake (put in 23). I didn’t ad any gear this year – didn’t need it.

The first day was very nice and cool. Although it was windy. We paddled thru Mudro into Fourtown, and poked around a little for sites. There was another group who was in the bunkhouse with us that was going in at the same put-in, so we felt like there was a little race for the good spots.

Ari and Dan scoped out (and stood guard over) a good one, and a the rest of us checked out the other side of the point. Both good spots, but we opted for #2. We set up camp, loafed, ate, and generally had a great time for the next 48 hours. Coming out was just the reverse of going in. Easy and fun.

Some highlights:
—> I made a bushcraft spatula for flipping the fish that Mike caught (but I had to kill and clean, and Pat filleted).
—> Perfectly smooth water the day we left – the reflections were super crisp.
—> Living in a city can make you forget what real stars are like. They were simply stupendous.

Now planning the next one …

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