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In my quest to tweak/tune my bike to be just right, I’ve gotten really close, except for one area. I have hands with an ulnar nerve very close to the surface. While I’ve stuck with regular drop bars for the variable hand positions (and the aesthetic), I’ve decided to try some experimentation.

First up, I tried a mustache bar.  I’d read/heard that you can get a lot of good positions and that they are comfortable.  Maybe for somebody.  For me, they sucked.  I tried and tweaked, but I simply could not find a place that my hands ever felt good.  So, I scrapped that and went back to drops.

But, I really needed a solution.  So, I ordered-up a nearly flat MTB bar, some brakes, and some Ergon grips.  The Ergon grips create a platform for your hands, as opposed to a round bar.  I put them on tonight and took some pics.  My bike is seriously in danger of looking commuter-bike-dork-hybrid, as opposed to sex-beast-monster-cross, but I need to get over it and get more comfortable.  Well, on the trial rides around the ‘hood to get it dialed in, I was really comfortable!  The proof will be in my commute tomorrow, but the more upright position and the grips seem to really help.  And, the aero bars fit just fine (for the next tour). More to come!


From Flat Bar Road Bike

From Flat Bar Road Bike

From Flat Bar Road Bike

4 thoughts on “More Bike Changes …

  1. I don’t know if flat bars count as commuter-bike-dork-hybrid, but I have accepted that as I age I will slowly devolve into a bigger bike dork. I figure I am at best 25 years from riding around with a long white beard on a bike with a fairing, car-battery, old headlight and an orange flag.

  2. As an update, the commute was great! The Ergon’s did a great job, and I was quite comfortable for the whole ride. I think I might have found my set-up!

  3. Surprisingly, I like it quite a bit. It is remarkably ergonomic. Additionally, I’m a big fan of simple and this is a bullet-proof shifter that can swap from indexed to friction, is quite accessible, and keeps the cockpit tidy. It’s a winner for me. It’s a standard Shimano barcon shifter mounted with a Paul Thumbie. I had to fab some shims to make it fit on the bars, but I think Paul now makes Thumbies in different bar sizes.

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