Now that’s “old skool”

I had an old 19″ Toshiba CRT TV kicking around, and it was finally time to ditch it on Craigslist. So, I posted it today for $20 (basically enough to be worth the time to post it). An hour later I get a call – an older guy asking “does it have the red, yellow, and white connectors?” Then he asks if he can bring over the computer that he wanted to connect to it. I assumed he was talking about a laptop or something to watch movies on the TV with. Anyway, he rolls up in his sweet late-90’s Saturn and pulls an Atari 800 out of the passenger seat of his car. No way. Sure enough, he has some kind of hacked-up connector, and plugs it into the TV. It booted right up and gave him a prompt – old white text on a blue background. I remember those from my youth, but assumed they lived only in museums. I asked if he was doing it for grandkids or his own edification. He said it was all for him. That’s awesome.

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