I’m a fan of a few of the EDC blogs out there. I think it’s interesting to see what folks carry around in their pockets. So, I thought I’d post my own little pocket-dump. First, some preamble. I work in an office, so of course I stick to understated gear. Because I work in an office, and wear a suit, I do have more pockets to work with than folks with no always-on-jacket. Additionally, I commute via bike (as you probably know as a reader of this blog). As a result, my commute is in bike garb, with all my regular clothes in a pannier (or bag on a rack). If I left all my pocket contents loose, they would settle to the bottom of the bag, become inaccessible, and likely scratch each other up. So I put all my pocket contents in a Maxpedition small pocket organizer to keep things sorted in my commuter bag.

Here are the contents:

  • Bertucci A2T watch. Nothing fancy. Tells the time and date.
  • Fallkniven U2 modded with a pocket clip. This is a nice, civilized looking knife and the FRN scales make it very light. (This has actually been replaced with a Boker Cox)
  • TI Embassy Pen. Just ’cause. The pen and the knife are often side-by-side in my right rear pants pocket.
  • 4Sevens Quark Mini. This is a potent little light in the CR123 config and small enough for pocket duty. I would like a clip for it, however. (This has been replaced with a LeatherMan Serac S2 – a very under-appreciated light!)
  • HTC Evo. My brain on the go
  • Car-house-bike lock keys
  • Saddleback Leather slim billfold
  • Smith Threshold sunglasses. Since I’m often commuting in the pre-dawn light, I swap out the lenses for the clear ones, and then swap back in the tinted lenses for the ride home. The little cloth bag in the middle of the shades is the lens sack.
  • On a second split ring is a Exotac nanostriker, a whistle, a pill fob with dryer lint, and a Leatherman Squirt PS4. The dryer lint is very flammable and will take a spark from the nanostriker easily. So, there’s a bit of “preparedness” gear in there as well.

First up, the “all spread out”:


And here’s how things lay out in the Maxpedition organizer.


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