WordPress for android.

I’m experimenting with the WordPress client for Android, and, at the moment, the quickpress feature for moblogging.  Of course, the constraints include:

  • Thumb endurance
  • Images only from the on-board camera.

Given that my platform is an HTC evo, neither of those terrible, relative to the alternatives. 

I suppose that its also an assessment of the evo as, really, a mobile computing platform.

So, can I blog from an evo?  Yes.  Is it enjoyable? Not so much.  Especially because the space bar doesn’t seem to register all the time.  But, I’m going to try an experiment and see.

On any case, here’s an exciting action shot from my commute.  Think of it as the MN counterpoint to all those warm, dry January commuting shots over at ecovelo.  😉


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