Bike Build, Day 7. Done.

So, the project is complete (save a little derailer tuning). Looking at the pics below, you might be forgiven for having a response of “WTF?!?!?!”. Afterall, what was (in the last update) an ass-kicking monstercrosser, now looks like a bike-dork commuter! Well, yes. Yes it is. This is my do-all bike. Or at least my “do-enough” bike. Obviously there will be no massive backcountry DH for it, but I don’t do that either. For me, do-all means commuting most of the time. But, you can take off the transpo-dressing, and have a serious crosser, a touring bike, and a fun time on a gravel grinder or the single track (such as we have in MN). So, out of the gate, the first rides will be commuting, until the weather is nice enough that I’ll do a tour or a gravel grinder. So, here it is, all gussied-up with fenders, lights, rack, computer, and panniers. Yes, the fender stays had to be bent to clear the disc calipers.




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