Bike Build, Day 5 (or, say “Hello” to Sexy Beast)

This was a good weekend. I swung by Freewheel Bike and had them install the crown race. Terribly expensive ($4) relative to the cost of just buying the tool ($80). Also picked-up a brake and rim tape. The rim tape allowed me to mount tires, which in turn allowed me to sort out the height of the bar relative to the saddle, which in turn allowed me to trim down the steerer tube. Bikes are complicated. Anyway, fork is installed, brakes are installed, cables are run (although I’m not thrilled with the shifter cable), and the cockpit is roughed-in. It’s starting to look like a proper bike. A really, really f-$#%@-ing awesome bike. With no further ado, here are the pictures …


Check out the sweet rear cables – totally symmetrical.





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