Bike Build, Day 4

Today is a low-net-outcome build day. I still don’t have the crown race installed, so I clamped-in the fork and spent some time “dry fitting” the various cable housing bis to see how they would all go together. I’m generally very pleased with everything, although the line from the shift lever to the normal shift run is kind of wonky. This is due to the lever’s position on the outward flaring section of the bar. I think it will be OK, but it does make for a long loop of cable flopping around when everything else will be tight and tidy. I’m quite fond of the rear triangle – the cables come by the seat post with complete symmetry, and the cable bits on the brake and deraillure are nice. The routing of the front brake cable is nice, and the routing clips were included with the fork – nice touch, IRD! Anyway, here’s the pics.







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