Bike Build, Day 2

Some more parts arrived today. Wheels, brakes, and some sundrys.

I installed the cassette on the rear wheel, and installed the rear brake rotor and caliper. Cables have to wait for a fork … It’s starting to look bicycle-ish.




Oooohhhh! Shiny.

I also installed the front rotor. I got the “big” rotor for the front. 80% of the braking power in the front and all that. Well, after installing the 203mm rotor, it looks a tad bit silly. And it looks like it will have massive front stopping power – which could translate to massive endos for YT. I might swap that out for the 180 down the road. In the meantime, it adds very little weight, and it does kind of go with the “do anything” bike that I have in mind. Hopefully it will look more to scale after the 37mm tires go on it.


I should mention that the frame is beautiful, and that I spent 20 minutes Monday night just looking at welds. But I’ll do that in another post. The fork should be here tomorrow, and then we can look at all sorts of things coming together then.

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