Well, here it is, a new year. Here’s hoping it rocks for you all!

As a winter project, I tend to completely strip down my bike and clean/tune it for the upcoming season. This year, I’m taking the realization that the frame is too small, and I’m building up a new bike around a Habanero Cross/Tour frame. My frame is arriving next week, and has some custom modifications – I’m going all disc brakes (no canti studs), and have spec’d it with a 135mm rear triangle, so I can use “mtn bike” hubs (which are way easier to source for disc options). I was inspired by the Salsa Vaya – a great approach to a do-all bike. But, of course, I want to do things just my way. So, a Habanero frame, 1×9 drivetrain with 12-32 cassette, discs front and rear (probably Avid BB7s), and a step up in the sizing (57cm). I’m hoping this bike really is my do-all – touring, commuting, whatever. It should be a great compliment to the Madsen when I’m the only one going.

I’ll update more as parts arrive and things come together.

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